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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news candidates are focusing ther last minute efforts. the campaign is waning but the candidates are kicking it in high gear where they are focusing their last-minute time. a costly campaign. summer-like weather in the middle of fall. if you thought today was hot, just wait until tomorrow. good evening. [cheers and applause] >> i am not ready to give up on the fight. i hope you aren't either, new hampshire. i hope you aren't ether. >> i need -- either. >> i need iowa if we want to go
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to the white house. >> both of the runningmates made their final pleas for votes. it takes 270 votes to win, analysis by the press shows president barack obama with an edge but, there are 83 votes in six states that could go to earth candidate. that is why they are calling those the swing states and that is what makes this race tight. it is in the six states where both candidates are focused this weekend. daniel knottingham shows us why both parties are both predicting a win on tuesday. [music] >> reporter: mitt romney rallied supporters in cleveland, ohio, one of four battleground states the republican nominee is visiting sunday. >> if the president were to be reelected he would -- [booing] >> he would -- it is possible but not likely. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the race could come down to a single swing state. >> hello florida.
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>> they are hittinga as many as they can before election day. >> i need iowa! >> reporter: president barack obama took time to join president clinton in new hampshire that carries 4 of the votes needed to win. >> we have come too far to turn back now. >> reporter: both the romney and barack obama campaigns are predicting a victory on tuesday. but the polls show a very tight race with no clear favorite. >> if anyone has an edge it is the president because he needs fewer swing states to win the white house. >> i still think it is easier for the president to get the 270. not impossible for governor romney but all of the pieces have to fit together. >> there are a few undecided voters left and the can indicates know it could -- canidates know it could be down to who gets their supporters to the polls. >> let's get everyone out to vote on tuesday. >> ultimately it is up to you. >> reporter: both will
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continue their pace on monday. chris krosdzing the country during the final hours -- crisscrossing the country during the final hours. >> the battle over proposition 32 is on track to become the costliest initiative campaign in the nation. the latest poll shows half of all voters are opposed to prop 32. 16% undecided. cbs 5 reporter is behind the prop 32 campaigns. >> we need to defeet prop 32. >> reporter: union members say tell takeaway their voice, prohibiting unions and corp raeugs from making political -- corporations from making political choices. >> it goes to quiet the voices of working people as a whole. >> reporter: but prop 32 supporters sa ers say it will give powerback.
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>> it empowers the rank and file union members or a worker at a corporation to say you can not just reach into my paycheck and take my money anymore. >> reporter: prop 32's biggest donor is stanford munger who gave millions. the ads have been confusing. the no side says it will benefit wealthy donors and super packs. >> i really think it is one of the fraud leapt ballot measures we are seeing in california. >> reporter: john logan, professor of labor and employment studies. he spoke on cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> it is designed to be deceptive to confuse voters and to get people to vote for the wrong relationships. >> reporter: the former chair of the california republican party says 32 creates a more even playing field because even though they would not be able to use their carpenter means of
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funding unions would still have influence in sacramento. >> unions can form their packs. they still have the ability to make kopt bugs to political campaigns. >> opponents say if prop 32 passes they will challenge it in court. in the news room, back to you. >> and stay with cbs 5 and for continuing coverage of the 2012 vote. that means live up to the minute reporting from around the nation, california, and the bay area on election night. >> it seemed more like summer than late autumn today. the temperatures above normal for november. people spent the day outside soaking up the sun. gonzalez has more on the unseasonable temperatures. >> dog days of summer in the fall. geech, everybody. we average anywhere between 8 and 13 degrees above normal for this time of the year. behind me, sunset in san josa.
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it was at 5:07 and carpenterly everybody still sporting temperatures into the 70s. here is a look at what you can anticipate tomorrow for your monday. 73 degrees and pacifica, phodz, and in the middle and high 70s. -- moss and in the middle and high 70s. east of the bay inland, up to the lower 80s. that was today's high temperatures, what you can expect tomorrow still is a bigger warm up after tonight and significant cool down. so, we will pin point those warmest locations and record warmth for monday and tuesday. that is still straight ahead. >> all right, thank you. now, a developing story in the north bay. three children, including an infant and four adults have been rescued from an overturned residue boat. it took place off of dylan beach.
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a helicopter plucked two people out of the water and took them to the hospital. three people swam to shore. the last two people were rescued by boat. the water was very rough at the time the boat flipped over. a firefighter was injured after battling a blaze last night. it started at 8:00 in a commercial building on the 1400 block of mcdonald's avenue. the fire appeared to have started in the back of the building and then spread to the businesses inside. there was an aa meeting going on in one of the rooms but everyone got out okay and the know injury reported was a firefighter who hurt his back. well, it is getting colder in the east and millops of people are still without power because of super storm sandy. who ran in to rescue those in need. people in the bay area are helping in a number of ways. what two men are dog right now to ease the northeast pain and suffering. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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being gathered and polling locations are being moved. e are some of the preparationr the national election in storm-ravaged sections of te northeast. the election thee will go on as millions try o rebuild their power generators are being put in storm ravaged sections of the northeast. the election there will go on
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as millions try to rebuild their lives. cbs reports on the cleanup and recovery. nearly a week after sandy, millions are still without power and thousands are homeless. the storm destroyed blocks of homes on staton island. this is where the marathon was supposed to start. runners stale came, armed with backpacks full of supplies. ready to help people like frank dott stphaoeurbgs these marathoners, they are not neighbors, look what they are doing. that is great. >> reporter: alex park spent the day cleaning their home instead of running the race he was training for >> people cheer us on every year and we can help them out in our time of need. >> vol up tears flooded the streets to help people here. scenes like this are playing out across new york and new jersey. chefs are donating their time to cook up warm meals.
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>> part of the community. i grew up in the up to, i am going to take care of the people i know and anybody that i can upon help. >> reporter: the one millop people without power are coming -- million people without power are coming to centers. >> we walked here from jersey city. there is no gas in my car. it is really nice here and he gets to eat. >> reporter: even though the cleanup is far from over, this week, things will start to get back to normal in some areas as schools reopen throughout new jersey and new york. back to you. >> people in the bay area are pitching in to help those effected by hurricane sandy. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedio with how red cross volunteers are helping those who need it the most. >> after the pounding sandy left on the east coast and two million still without power comes relief from the bay area. >> so far we had quite a few cash donations. >> reporter: farmers markets
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in oak land are accepting donations of money, going straight to the red cross. >> people are being responsive and generous. >> reporter: volunteers leave today driving a truck all of the way to new york. bring bringel has done it before. >> catrinna, new york, florida, providing supplies to the clients and getting around will be difficult. >> this is mike's first big trip to a disaster. >> when i get to new york i will check in, contact my point of contact and get an assignment. >> reporter: that is simple. shelter and feed those who need -- shelter and feed those who need it. he does not want his wife to worry too much. >> he is going with a fella who has done it a few times and i am responsible for training him. the trip takes three days to get to new york and they could stay there for as long as two
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weeks. back to you. giants fans are still basking in the glow of a day of celebration. the confetti, a great touch. wait until you hear how much those pieces of paper cost. today we averaged between 8 and 13 degrees above normal. but wait? the warmest day of the workweek still to come. ,,,,,,,,,,
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according to a lundberg sur, prices dropped 21-cents sine mid-october. the national average for a gallon of regular is now 3-dollars, 55-cents. in california, the average s
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much higher at 3- dollars, 98-cents. and san francisco still ho for the nation's the the average gas is $3.55 and san francisco is the highest gas price $4.05. celebration has faded and the last bits of confetti has been swept away from the victory parade. how did this year's celebration compare to 2010? for one, the giants used 1.5tons of confetti, that is 10 times what they used last year. the price tag? $30,000 for the nontoxic strips of victory. you will not believe what else we have in forecast.
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>> i am still celebrating. >> i can see that. you are all tkretsed for them. i am dressed for a really sunny day. 8 o 13 degreesa above normal. good evening, from the transamerica building looking out at the bridge. average high in san francisco, this time of the year, 69, carpenterly 72 degrees. wow! oakland sporting clear skies in the low 70s, san josa, 74, we are shy of the 80 at this hour at redwood city. looks like today's high, 70s at the beaches and middle highs at the bay. topping off at 80 in mountain view. and low 80s. meanwhile tonight, significant cool down you will feel the difference, it will be into the 50s. 50 and 57 degrees. okay, here is what you need to know as you begin your brand- new workweek. we will have starry skies tonight. all of that, records for monday. extended forecast, boy werbgs have a big swing in the weather pat upper. we will wrap up the workweek with rain in the forecast and
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cooler temperatures. santa rosa tomorrow, breaking a record at 89 degrees. sanfrancisco, tying a record. and oak land tying a record, 82 in san jose. and going for the 84 record. meanwhile, we have the storm track, precipitation to the north of the bay area. we are under a huge dome of high pressure that keeps on dominating the western states. we will see the dry weather pattern all of the way through election day. now, meanwhile, it looks like your numberses are going up in comparison to today. we are talking 76 degrees and montero, half-moon bay, pacifica. the acting will be coming in from the -- the 80s will be coming from the shore. chowdless sky at 84 degrees. east of the bay, up to 90 degrees in discovery bay and brent wood. otherwise most of us in the low and middle 80s. napa, santaa rosa at the record
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forecast temperature of 89 degrees. and san francisco shy of 80. average high, 69 degrees. wow, air quality going to take a hit tomorrow. hooks like it is -- looks like it is on the hazy side. here is your e tended forecast. we will use wednesday for our transition day. cooler temperatures, but, the sun will still shine. we will cloud up on thursday with a good shot of precipitation in the forecast. daily chances of you needing the umbrella on friday and saturday. and then as we approach the hot day, veterans day, we are talking veterans day and it feels more like the 4th of july. >> i know, a georgeous day. good day to be in oakland. >> yes. incredible game. yes, walking out to the war. maybe i should go back, you know, incredible football game. we had a record day for andrew luck. but did they pull off a stunning comeback? we will tell you, next ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios closed captioning saluting our nation's veterans. stockton athlete afterall..g martin w well, it turns out dallas might not be the most popular athlete after all. doug martin, born in oakland, grew up in stock land put on the greatest shows -- stockland put on the greatest shows
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today. we will have more in a moment. end of the half, palmer, watch the beautiful 1-handed catch. set up a run, touchdown. the game, 10-7 lead at halftime. 21 tampa, 3rd kwraurter and there goes doug martin. 67 yards, broke ennfl record. three touchdowns of over 45 yards or more. he ran for 251 yards in 4 touchdowns. throeuf-17 tampa in the 4th. raider comes back. to meyers, the second touchdown of the game. cut it to eleven points. after the bucks give him a gift, they fumble the handoff, freemand, sea moore, johnny-on- the-spot. raiders in business. under 8 minutes to go. now, palmer, reset on the backfield, may get 35 to 30 tampa. palmer, 4 touchdowns, 414 yards. this might have been the best play all day. 2-point conversion, oakland,
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down, just a field goal now. here we go. defense, forced 3-out. palmer is look fog get him in field goal range. somebody missed up. no black jerseys, a block, iced the game. 3 picks on the afternoon for palmer. raiders rally fell short. >> we did not tackle well. i thought they did a good job of blocking. the runner did a great job of running. i think we had an opportunity to make plays and miss tackles. when you miss them on that guy he takes them for big games. that is exactly what happened. >> we were successful moving the football. we did not make enough plays to maybe the game. but, we were successful moving the football. i thought our team hung in there. i thought our team battled and, you know, we tried to make a
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comeback and came up short. >> i am not a crook. look at the president in hand. denver came in oakland leading. and say hello. say good-bye to holiday. he took it for 5 yards deep in the end zone. 105 yards. the broncos led 17-3. but the bengals came back. peyton manning, for the 1-yard score and the bronco win 31-23. so, the broncos win coupled with the raiders loss puts them 2 games behind denver. luck, he had himself a day. late 1st quarter. connects, cots win 7-3 and he was just warming up. he through for an nfl record, 2 touchdowns, this one is double
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coverage. but, hilton there for the score. nascar in texas now, jimmie johnsoneptered sunday leading by 2 points in the chase. before the race, the sandbag on the bottom of the pair chuter's flag -- parachuter's flag, hit kevin harvick's car. he had a dent and had to go to the garage. johnson pulls away for the win. now he has a seven point lead in the chase now with two races to go. coming up tonight on "game day" forgotten player who helped spark the 49ers dynasty. >> my 9th year i got dinged and -- they said i was not going to take another hit like that. i would have been paralyzed or -- i don't know. >> the series of undiagnosed
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injuries including deformed fingers that forced a former 49er to live in a tunnel. that is tonight on game day. you think about that team. you think about clark and montana, there were others involved in that team. you will see two of them tonight. >> i never heard that story. looking forward to that. >> thank you, much. coming up at 6:30. thousands of grocery workers on strike tonight in california. what brought about the decision to strike at dozens of rally's stores and how shoppers are responding coming up in 30 minutes. >> again, tomorrow, a warm up. record warm temperatures here in the bay area. all of the way to 90 degrees and the warmest locations inland. right here in san francisco, 79 degrees, low 80s in san jose. it will be a beautiful day. >> oh, no. there you go. good night ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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